Senshu’s Seaside Attractions: Delicious Seafood, Beautiful Shores

Osaka Bay, offshore from Senshu, is known as a prime fishing ground for Japanese black porgy, a fish that symbolizes the richness of the bay’s sea life. The waters, polluted during Japan’s period of rapid economic expansion in the 1950s and 1960s, are clear once again, and marine life is thriving. Senshu has numerous fishing ports, from Kishiwada in its northern area―which accounts for 75% of the catch of Osaka Prefecture―to Tanigawa in Misaki, a town with a distinct retro feel at its southern tip, providing seafood to consumers in Osaka and Kyoto.

Fishing cooperative head Oka Osamu is a hale sea goer (Left). Some 160 species of fish from Osaka Bay can be found at the Izumisano open-air fish market. Whitebait haul is to be landed at Jizohama, Kishiwada (Right).

Oka Osamu, head of the Osaka Bay Iwashi Kinchaku-ami fishing cooperative, has two claims to fame. One, he developed a collaborative system for whitebait fishers, who had been selling their hauls individually, to help them stabilize the market for their catches, an initiative that attracted the attention of fishing operatives throughout the country.  “Ocean currents enter Osaka Bay both from the Pacific Ocean and the Inland Sea, with many rivers draining from surrounding mountains, the waters are rich in nutrients. We can harvest whitebait continually from May through December,” says Oka, whose fishing career began upon graduating from high school. Two, Oka is a professional singer, whose stirring ballads may be viewed on YouTube.


Kinchakuya, a restaurant operated by the fishing cooperative, serves fresh seafood. The star attraction on the menu is shirasu-don, a bowl of fresh whitebait on rice. Whereas most whitebait is sold to processors, Kinchakuya is one of the few places where diners can enjoy fresh whitebait.

Open-air market at Izumisano fishing port, with the day’s catch on display. The restaurant at the market offer tasty dining options.

At the Sunday market at Tajiri fishing port and the open-air market at Izumisano fishing port the fish on sale are clear evidence of the bay’s bounty. It may be hard to imagine that such abundant sea life flourishes close to the futuristic artificial island of KIX (Kansai International Airport), but these markets underscore the richness of the adjacent waters.

Tranquil Bayside Resorts

The community area at SENNAN LONG PARK features restaurants and cafés with terrace seating.

Marble Beach, a new leisure option on an artificial white marble pebble seashore, presents a different aspect of Senshu’s shoreline. SENNAN LONG PARK, which opened in July 2020, is a similar facility.


Restaurants and cafés, fresh seafood markets, a huge athletic facility, barbecue and camping sites, hotels and spas dot the shore, catering to resort activities far removed from the dense and throbbing city nearby. Urban Camp Hotel Marble Beach, facing Marble Beach, is a collection of cottages with colorful touches and patios with semi-open kitchens and facilities for barbecues. Each unit has its own Jacuzzi tub, where guests can luxuriate while watching the sun set over the bay. Facing west on Osaka Bay, Senshu locations from north to south offer fine spots for enjoying the sunset. Hotel Bay Gulls, just a short distance from KIX, offers elegant style and panoramic views perfect for a bayside holiday.

Night view of industrial plants along the shore at Takaishi with several vantage spots for photography.

In days past, the scenery around Osaka Bay was originally an unspoiled landscape of white sand beaches and pine groves. In the 1960s, the stretch of shore from Sakai to Takaishi was turned into a coastal industrial complex. Today, there is a pine forest at Hamadera Park, and the industrial complex is now a popular attraction featuring phantasmagorical nighttime lighting that can be viewed from the water.

Sunset viewed from the breakwater at Kojima fishing port, at the southernmost tip of Senshu, with the silhouette of Awaji Island in the background.

The Tsuboichi Tea Company in SENNAN LONG PARK operates TSUBOICHI TEA PLACE, where customers order beverages on takeout before strolling along the beach. With the Sky Gate Bridge linking KIX to the mainland in the background, visitors can gaze across the bay’s vast expanse or go out for stand-up paddle boarding with planes taking off from the airport runway beyond.


The Sennan Bay area, now a district with a wealth of attractions, continues to evolve as it marches into the future.


For Senshu tourist information inquiries, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.

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