Friendly Smiles Abound

Senshu’s best-known event is the Kishiwada Danjiri Festival, held annually in September. The city’s neighborhoods prepare huge floats and large crowds propel them at great speed through the narrow streets. The floats round corners with perilous momentum, and each time a float successfully rounds a corner, spectators send up enthusiastic cheers; excitement rises to a fever pitch. It is a festival that expresses the vigor and verve of the people of Senshu.

A Japanese-style home renovated for rental accommodation. Guests can rent the entire building for a carefree stay.

Other than at festival time, Senshu residents are relaxed and welcoming, and spending time in the region’s towns is rewarding. If you really want to get a feel for what it would be like to live in Senshu, try staying at SAKAINOMA. RESIDENCE Nishiki, a house available as a whole for rental lodging, is renovated in Japanese Modern décor, while the adjoining Kuma Café has an antique ambience.



The outside of the shop gives no hint of the tastefully displayed merchandise inside. Everything from the furniture to the knickknacks reflects owner Fujitani Tetsuya’s design philosophy.

Another renovated older building is Fujitani Shoten, lauded by a famous Italian designer as “the world’s most beautiful interior décor store.” The superb taste evident in the store design and products on sale attract people from all over the country.

Diners can choose from the large variety of dishes laid out. Manager Ogawa Kaname cooks the rice himself to ensure that it is up to his exacting standards.

Urban Senshu offers distinctive culinary experiences as well. At Ginshariya Gekotei in Sakai, customers can sample home-style cooking, helping themselves to the dishes prepared. The variety is amazing, and the impulse to overeat tempting.

Serves several brands of Japanese craft beer (Left) and offers an extensive food menu (Right). Drinkers are encouraged to sample and compare recommended brands.

Tachinomi Rie in Sakai’s nighttime entertainment district is a stand-up bar where patrons can sample the tidbits prepared by the staff. Bar owner Rie’s sunny smile is infectious, and it is no secret that this is a favorite spot of office workers and other local regulars. Nearby Hibino Beer is just the place to sample craft beers from all over Japan. Twelve beers are always on tap, and the shop attached sells beer to take home.

(Left) A kashiminyaki savory pancake is topped with bonito flakes. (Right) Most of the ingredients she uses are sourced locally Senshu Rice Ball.

Kashiminyaki, a traditional Senshu dish, is a concoction of vegetables, chicken, and minced beef fat in a thin flour batter cooked on a griddle. Available as an off-menu item at Okonomiyaki Sogetsu, its appetizing smell is sure to whet the appetite.


The Senshu rice ball (omusubi) shop Otomegocoro uses ingredients sourced locally. A simple dish composed of rice containing a filling and pressed into shape, the rice ball is popular with everyone.


For Senshu tourist information inquiries, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.

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