Welcome to the KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau Blog

Thank you for visiting our web site. We are the KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau. Most of work involves developing our region as a tourism destination, and toward that end, we’re happy to be writing this inaugural blog post.


The purpose of this blog is to introduce the many charming tourism spots in Senshu region, which is located in southern Osaka Prefecture. There are a lot of great experiences for tourists to enjoy. We will periodically post interesting articles about Senshu tourist spots, so please check in on occasion for updates.


For this first entry, we wanted to introduce the writer behind this blog, and a little bit of information about Senshu. So without further ado…


My name is Yuki Notsuzuki, the main writer of this blog. I was born in Chiba Prefecture in 1994. Ever since I was a child, I have always wanted to travel all around the world.


I have already visited all 47 prefectures in Japan, and more than 30 countries around the globe. At times I was a hitchhiker. Other times I was motorcyclist. I’ve been to the Himalayas, to deserts, and glaciers. I have also visited many cultural and historical places, like religious buildings, museums, and more. You could definitely say I love all types of destinations!


When I was a high school student, my interest in tourism amplified, so I chose to go to university and study tourism studies. I received master’s degree in tourism after I studied hard at Hokkaido University, in Sapporo—the biggest city in northern Japan. I’m really excited to be part of the KIX Senshu team.


However, I didn’t get my current job soon after graduating. My first job was working at a bank at Hakodate, another city of Hokkaido, where I sold financial products. After that, hearing the siren’s song of tourism, I joined a condominium company in Niseko, a popular ski resort area in Hokkaido. In fact, Niseko attracts so many international tourists that some people say it is like little Australia, not Japan.


If you would like to discover true Japanese culture, visitng Senshu is one of the best choices. Did you know Senshu is a more ancient Japanese capital than Kyoto? In ancient Japanese history, the emperors changed capital many times. About 1,500 years ago, the Emperor at the time moved the capital to Sakai City, so that’s why nowadays we can see one of the biggest tombs in the world, and experience authentic Japanese culture here.


Because of its proximity to Kansai International Airport, it’s very easy to get to and from the Senshu area. Even international travelers can visit quite easily.


I am looking forward to introducing you to such special experiences in this blog.


Yuki Notsuzuki, your concierge.