Cook okonomiyaki myself

3  reccomended okonomiyaki at Sogetsu restaurant

Cook okonomiyaki myself

Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake is famous food in Kansai and is loved by locals, We can find a lot of okonomiyaki there, but it is hard to find a self-cooking-style restaurant. However, Sogetsu okonomiyaki restaurant offers you an okonomiyaki cooking experience. The cooking process is a little bit complicated, but you can learn how to cook okonomiyaki by watching a video of the owner teaching how to make it. Also, you can get help from the charming staff there.


Sogetsu okonomiyaki restaurant is located 5 mins by walk from  Nankai Kishiwada station, which means easy access from both central Osaka and Kansai Airport. How about visiting there before leave or after arrival at Kansai Airport?


In this article, find out 3 recommended food, the side menu, drinks there, and the instruction video.


3 okonomiyaki you should eat at Sogetsu restaurant

1.Buta Tama

Butatama, pork okonomiyaki is the most common okonomiyaki. it makes mainly of pork meat, egg, and cabbage. When finishing to grill, pour special source, and add dried bonito flakes and green laver on the top.

2.Ika Dama

There is no big difference from the previous one, but Ika dama contains squid instead of meat, so we recommend it for seafood lovers and people who are not good at law fish. The soft texture is very addictive.

Negi Yaki being prepared

3. Negi Yaki

Negi-yaki, which is unique among okonomiyaki, differs in appearance, taste, and ingredients. The main ingredients are green onion (called Negi). While cooking, we need to add additional Negi. For more information on how to cook, don’t hesitate to ask charming staff.



4. Other recommended okonomiyaki

This restaurant can serve okonomiyaki which not contains pork or beef (such as Ika Dama, Chicken Dama called  Kashiwa Dama), so Muslims and Hindus can eat them.  Gluten free Okonomiyaki(e.g. Tokubetsu Sogetsu Yaki)  is also available.



Cooking Instruction Video

If you have any concerns about okonomiyaki cooking, Watch this video and learn how to cook it.

Side menu

Omelet with fried rice  820 yen
Japanese curry with pork 850 yen
karaage, Japanese fried chicken 850 Yen
Doteyaki, Beef sinew stewed in miso and mirin 450 yen
Oyako don, rice with chicken and egg 700 yen


Japanese Sake 450 yen
Beer midium size 500 yen 
Beer small size 350 yen
Chuhai (limon, lime, or calpico flavor) 350 Yen



The shop owner’s wife was very friendly and helpful when I tried to cook Okonomiyaki by myself. Also, she expressed she was willing to welcome foreign tourists. Because she can customize ingredients just for you depending on your preference, let her know if there are ingredients you can’t eat or dislike.


Actually, although I am not a native Osaka person, now I love it since living. I have ever visited there many times. Usually, I chose butatama but I tried negiyaki for the first time when the interview. As a result, my opinion is changed, that I think this is one of the best okonomiyaki in my life because I feel great harmony of Negi and original soy sauce when eating. That’s why my recommendation is Negiyaki.

I am willing to continuously reveal information about the undiscovered tourist attractions in SENSHU.


Click here to check the location
Opening hours 11 am-7 pm ( Thursday Closed)
Opening hours are now irregular due to coronavirus.


I’m Yuki Notsuzuki, Senshu concierge.


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