Discover the world of art made of tatami called “TartAMI”

Discover the world of art made of tatami called “TartAMI”

Today, We would like to introduce you Fuji tatami Guesthouse. This guesthouse offers the special experience of sleeping on tatami mats, a traditional Japanese mat (click here for more details). Also, another attractive point is artworks called TartAMI, which are paintings on old tatami mats. In other words, he converts garbage into art. In this article, I will introduce some of the works of art created by Mr. Fujiwara.

The work, Monster Cow ghost

This work was inspired by the work “Ushioni” in the book “Hyakkai zukan”(百怪図鑑), written by the Edo period painter Suushi Sawaki. He created this work in the New year because 2021 is the year of the Ox, according to the Chinese zodiac.

What is unique about this work is that it is not drawn with ink, but the lines are burned in using the same technique as wood burning. He says, “ This way allows to reduce the color change and make it more resistant to high heat, so it can be used as pot stand!” That means The work is a very practical work of art!

The work, “Find”

The works feature is that there is nothing drawn in the center because the user can put something in the center. In this case, We put a cup for matcha.

The drawing on the edge is a frog from the national treasure“Chozyu-Jinbutsu-Giga” which is owned by Kosanji Temple in Kyoto. It expresses the surprise of something placed in the center.

The work, Cation Deer.

If you have ever traveled to Hokkaido, you maybe know this sign. Hokkaido is an area where deer have frequently seen so many signs which means “caution! Deer” is set along the roadside. He was inspired when he visited there, so this work was created.


This work of art has been processed using traditional techniques handed down from a long time ago. To prevent the woven rushes from unraveling, a glue gun is used in modern times, but in this work, a string is used. That is a revival of an old technique.

Let’s Experience!

How was Tatami art? If you would like to try making tatami art yourself, Mr.Fujiwara will be happy to teach you in detail. Please make a reservation at the following website.

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