Find the undiscovered treasure of Mizuma Area

Find the undiscovered treasure of Mizuma Area

On the 30th of every month is the day, we post an article about the undiscovered treasure of Senshu. This time, I would like to introduce you to the Mizuma area, which is only 45 minutes away from Kansai Airport by train. To get to the Mizuma area from Kansai Airport, you should take the Nankai Railway to Kaizuka Station, and then change to a local train called Mizuma Railway.

To make this article, I was guided by Ms. Mutsuo, who is an employee of Mizuma railway, and a master of the Mizuma area. Let’s get started!

A moss ball hanging from the ceiling at Mizuma-Kannon Station.

Mizuma Railway is a company with a railway route of only 5.5 km from Kaizuka Station to Mizuma-Kannon Station. At the terminal station(Mizuma Kannon Station) You can see a spectacular sight with moss balls hanging from the roof.

Why did this company decide to decorate the roof of the station with many moss balls? There is the reason for the management of Mizuma Railway is not an easy task. The company should be managed while saving money, like Moss ball can survive only on water, the meaning is to continue the railroad business in a modest way.

The approximately 1,000 moss balls installed make a unique space in the station. There are many beautiful Japanese gardens and bonsai gardens in Kyoto and other parts of Japan, but this is probably the only station in Japan where moss balls are hung from the ceiling.

Meet Troll

At the Mizuma area, there are 16 cute little trolls made of ceramic, called the Sixteen Children. In Nara period, children guided Gyoki, the founder of Mizuma Temple, to the Bodhisattva Kannon, who gave him blessings to ward off bad luck. Nowadays 16 children are changed to own body made of ceramic, which are lined on the street of Mizuma temple entrance.

A miniature of this troll is now available at Mizumakannon Station. They are also handmade. Each of the 16 types of trolls has a different blessing, so why not buy one according to what you want to achieve? 1200 Yen each.

Mizuma Temple

Mizuma Temple was built in the Nara period (710-794) by order of the emperor, and the huge Buddhist temple still remains. If you go further into the temple, you can see a waterfall where a dragon is said to have descended.

Have a meal at Cafe Passatore.

If you get hungry after strolling around the Mizuma area, why not visit Cafe Passatore, a five-minute walk from Mizuma-Kannon Station? You can enjoy meat dishes such as hamburgers and steaks, curry and rice, and omelets.

One of the most recommended deserts is the fruit parfait. This is a big parfait with more than ten kinds of fruits selected according to the season and availability and is the signature dish of the restaurant. Sometimes they also use fresh fruits purchased from farmers in the neighboring areas. When I visited, they had melons on top, but from winter to spring, they have strawberries.


In this article, we took a walk around the Mizuma area, guided by Ms. Mutsuo who belongs Mizuma Railway company. Why not take the Mizuma Railway from Kaizuka Station and visit the Mizuma area, where 16 cute trolls and huge parfaits are waiting for you, not go directly to Kansai Airport from Osaka City.

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