Matcha Tea Ceremony in Outdoor

Great sea, Kansai Airport, and Rich Matcha

Matcha Tea Ceremony in Outdoor

What wonderful tourist attraction does Senshu have? Every month on the 30th, we discover some of Senshu’s most attractive resources and introduce them. In this article, I would like to introduce trial activity at Marble beach in Rinku Park, which straddles Tajiri and Izumisano.

The trial activity called Nodate, is making matcha green tea outside. It was a very rich and memorable experience.

Introduction of Tea Master, Ms. Mikubo

The person who helped us with this ambitious project is Tea Master, Ms. Mikubo, born in Sakai. She contributed to the establishment of Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko, a facility where anyone can casually drink tea, and has worked there for 3 years. After graduating from high school, she trained for 3 years at a tea ceremony school in Kyoto, and since then, she has offered special tea experiences not only in Japan, but also in England, France, Italy, India, Taiwan, and many other countries.


How she has served special tea around the world? Let us tell you some of the stories. When she learned English in London, she had the opportunity to offer a tea session in the language school. Also, before the pandemic, she used to go to Taiwan 2 or 3 times a year, as part of the Japan-Taiwan cultural exchange program, which was sponsored by the Japanese company and offered matcha tea and sweets-making lessons. Such activities mean that she exports the profound culture of the tea!

The stunning view from marble beach

This time, we chose Marble beach as our Nodate site. Marble Beach is located on the opposite shore of KIX, Kansai Airport island, and is covered with beautiful white stones. Here is the perfect place to calm your body and mind and focus on “now”. It is also a suitable place for yoga(Yoga experience guided by professional is available. If you are interested, please contact us). That’s why I think this is a great place to hold a tea ceremony. Although it was raining on the day we hold our tea ceremony, we could spend a very elegant time while enjoying the gentle sea breeze, the sound of the ocean, and the stunning view of the Airport bridge.

Eat Japanese traditional sweet before drinking matcha

Before drinking Matcha, usually, you should eat some sweets. Because matcha contains a lot of catechins and caffeine, you should put some foods in your stomach first to lessen the stimulation. The sweet we chose was Shoro Dango(kind of dumplings), sold at Fukueido. This sweet shop was established in 1907 and keeps its original taste. Every time an order comes in, the confectioner makes it. That’s why everyone can get very fresh sweet there. In my case, when I put it in my mouth, the taste of the ingredients spreads and makes me happy.

making matcha by professional

Now, it’s time to make matcha. There are two main types of matcha: Usucha, which is the most common type of matcha, and Koicha, which uses about twice the amount of matcha powder and has a richer flavor. Mostly, foreign tourists in Japan drink Usucha, so it may be difficult to experience Koicha.

Experience matcha


Let’s try Usucha first. Speaking appearance, the foam on the surface is very creamy and remarkable. That’s why this matcha is made by her, a member of Urasenke(one of the three schools of tea ceremony). One of the characteristics of matcha of Urasenke is that the surface foam is relatively made. However, the top and bottom are not separated. When I put it in my mouth, I found that the surface foam and the liquid part underneath are in perfect harmony, and a soft sensation makes me happy. After that, the richness of the tea flavor runs through my body, and I feel like I am diving into the world of matcha, for a little while.

Experience Koicha

Let’s try Koicha secondly. It is difficult to make Koicha, especially for amateurs, because a High level of skill such as adjusting the quantity of matcha powder or water and mixing them is required. Also, Hi quality powder is needed because if low-quality matcha is used, the bitter taste will be too strong to drink. Therefore, appropriate tea bowls and tea whisk are required. In other words, Authentic Koicha cannot be made without specific techniques, tools, and high-quality matcha powder. That’s how special it is.


When I put it in my mouth the Koicha quickly hijacks my body and thoughts. The umami and richness of the tea insist strongly on drinkers, but it is not too bitter. In my case, the arousing effect of matcha made me feel as if I had been transported to another world.


The possibility of Nodate Experience

To create a new tourism experience, we conducted a trial Nodate experience at Marble beach. According to our survey, many foreign visitors to japan enjoy green tea, including matcha, but it is probably rare for people to experience Nodate or Koicha. As matter of fact, that was also the first time for me however, I can strongly recommend this experience.

Sen no Rikyu, the establisher of the tea ceremony, was born in Sakai, and many people have inherited his spirit even today(click here for more detail). We continue to think about how we can officially launch such an activity.


Please note: The activity called Nodate we introduced is the testing stage, and is not offered officially. Instead, you can experience matcha at the following facilities.

Useful information

It is difficult to introduce a place where you can drink Koicha in current status, but you can enjoy Usucha easily, at Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko, or Shin-an, located Daisen park inside. Please note that due to the pandemic, such service is possibly not available. Please check the latest information.


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