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One of the two monthly posts will focus on an undiscovered treasure of Senshu. In the memorable first article focusing on it, ancient tombs called kofun are featured. The most famous ancient kofun in Senshu is Daisen kofun in Sakai city, which was registered as a world cultural heritage site by UNESCO, but there are also many kofuns in Misaki. This article describes their major kofun, including special kofun that everyone enters inside freely.

The gold-plated helmet was unearthed! Nishi-Koyama Kofun

Located near the roadside station called Misaki Yume to-dai, The Nishi-Koyama kofun looks like an ordinary hill, but here is a special place because the gold-plated helmet was unearthed when excavations were conducted before WWⅡ. After that, the helmet was on display at donjon of Osaka castle. However, it disappeared from there in 1955, when the postwar confusion still lingered and is still missing now.

This kofun is said to have been made in the middle of the 5th century and is believed to be the tomb of Ki clan, Load that ruled here at that time. How about thinking about the romance of prehistoric times while walking on top of the tomb?

Sairyo Kofun, a huge tomb you can walk around inside

Generally, Japanese authorities don’t allow visitors to go to keyhole-shaped kofun inside. However, The Sairyo kofun is open to the public, which means everyone can enter inside if you get a permit from the board of education. This kofun is the 27th largest of the 4,700 tombs. There is no other tomb of the same size that you can enter. Honestly speaking, I felt immoral when I entered because entering kofun is usually prohibited.

see the structure of the tomb


This kofun has a three-tiered structure, and it remains. Also, you can check and touch the stones that are thought to have covered the surface of the tomb. I strongly recommend a visit, especially for those who love archaeology. Please remember that taking the stone out of kofun is strictly prohibited.

Ritual place called tsukuridashi


This is a praying place called “Tsukuridashi”, where Haniwa(clay figurines) and other objects were placed. It is thought that rituals were held here.

Udohaka kofun

Next, we visited the Udohaka kofun, located a one-minute walk from Tannowa Station on the Nankai Line. It is believed to be the tomb of the ex-emperor’s prince and is strictly controlled to enter. Therefore, unlike the Sairyo kofun(previous one), we were not allowed to enter the tomb. Nevertheless, it is beautifully maintained, and you can feel the sacred atmosphere.


In this article, I have written about the kofun. When entering the tomb, please contact the Misaki Town tourist association, the Misaki Twon Volunteer Tourism Association, or the Education division of the Misaki town office via concierge service on this site. A volunteer guide will accompany you if you hope. Also, please be aware that you are responsible for any accidents inside the tomb.

In addition above, you can approach many tourist attractions in Misaki Town, such as mountain trails that are part of Katsuragi Shugendo(one of the oldest routes of pilgrimage in Japan), and marine activity. We will continue to discover the resources of Misaki Town and create a system for foreign tourists to approach them.


Writer: Yuki Notsuzuki, Senshu concierge


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