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Treasured landscapes, historical resources, and warm residents with deep connections to local culture are all waiting in Senshu. Here, you can relax and travel at your own pace, in your own style—enjoy the region’s many charms by living like a local. Although Senshu is not yet well known, there is so much to explore.


The Senshu region is an area of nine cities and four towns located in Osaka, south of Yamato River near Osaka Bay. The Izumi Mountains span its southern border, which it shares with Wakayama Prefecture. Generally speaking, Senshu slopes downward from south to north, and the landscape changes from hilly terrain to coastal lowlands. It shares its temperate climate with the Setouchi region, and has an average temperature of about 16 °C (or 61°F).

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The Senshu region is on the shores opposite Kansai International Airport, which is often called the “Gateway to Kansai,” the western region of the main island of Honshu. It is located between the cities of Osaka and Wakayama, and is a perfect hub for traveling in Kansai and other regions in western Japan. One of the great things about Senshu is that visitors can explore the local charms at their own pace, even if they only have the time before their flight.

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In Japan, customs and culture may be quite different from your own. Please deepen your understanding of local manners, customs, and culture for a smooth and pleasant trip.


Tourism Information Center

There are five information centers certified by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) which provide tourists with travel information on Osaka and Senshu. Visitors will find information on public transportation and sightseeing spots, as well as tourism pamphlets. Please use them for planning your trip or collecting information.

Daisen Park Tourist Information Center

Sakai Station Tourist Information Center

Sakai higashi Tourist Information Center

Izumisano Tourist Information Center “Izumisano Machidokoro”

Izumisano Tourist Information Center “Rinku Machidokoro”

Tourist Information NAMBA/ Information Center NAMBA