5 years strategic plan released

5 years strategic plan released

This article introduces you our 5 years strategic plan, which is approved by our board of directors. This plan shows that how we make our area more attractive for both domestic and foreign tourists. I would like to introduce its detail through breaking down to some strategy.

Strategy 1: Develop many tourism resources, aiming to that make tourists want to come again and again

There is a lot of type of tourism resources: Sea, Mountain, Historical Heritage, Food, Festival, Sports. But it is difficult to approach some resources such as participating in festivals or fishing on the boat, for not only foreign tourists but domestic tourists. Therefore, We try to make it more accessible by communicating with the local community.

Also, We would like to show you a Special route, which makes foreign people more joy. Actually, we made 5 recommended cycling routes last year. In addition to that, we are going to create attractive route depending on every preference.

Strategy 2: Spread attractive information by SNS

We hasten to spread information regarding tourist attractions in Senshu by SNS especially Facebook. According to some survey results, A lot of people gather information from SNS when they think about next destination. To meet this demand, We will periodically post articles on Facebook to deliver special information for you. Now We are preparing to open new Facebook pages in Traditional Chinese and Korean, in addition to the English version.

Check the below link to access our Facebook(English version).

Strategy 3: For Establishing a sustainable organization

To make an attractive destination, We will collaborate with a lot of our partners, such as City or Town office, Wakayama Prefectural office, University, and other DMO when we promote our projects. By doing that, we going to contribute to developing “Kansai Area” as one of the finest destinations, chosen by people around the world!


In March of this year, we were officially registered as a DMO by a national tourism agency, but our activities have only just begun. We will do our best to develop an attractive tourist area so that we can welcome many tourists from all over the world, so please keep your eyes on us.

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