Discover the world of calligraphy

Tour of Special place in Izumi-Otsu City

Discover the world of calligraphy by writing a brush made of straw called “Waramoji”

On June 18, We participated in a tour to discover the resources of Izumi-otsu City. This tour was guided by the City Hall staff, and we could find some undiscovered resources. In this article, we would like to introduce Atelier Subaru, which left a particularly strong impression on us. It’s something you can’t experience anywhere else.

Introduction of Atelier Subaru

Atelier Subaru was founded by three young people who met at Osaka University of Arts. The menu offered here is very diverse. There are courses in calligraphy, painting, pottery, and haiga (kind of Japanese painting), which are suitable for children and adults. In particular, the staff of KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau paid special attention to a type of calligraphy called “Waramoji,”. A typical brush tip is made of hair. This brush, however, was very unique in that its tip was made of straw!

Let's experience “Waramoji”

We could experience Waramoji. But in my case, I had little experience in calligraphy and had no confidence in my ability to write well. I had no idea what I should write or how I should write it. When I was unsure of what to write or how to write, a staff member approached me and said, “You are free to write whatever you want. Finally, I wrote the word “Kikyo”(桔梗) based on the sample in front of me.

Where is the good point of Waramoji

Unlike ordinary brushes, brushes for Waramoji are prone to blurring lines. As a result, you can often create works that are beyond your imagination. This gives it attractive. Furthermore, I think it is more correct to say “drawing” rather than “writing”. I follow my heart when I carry the brush. Finally, you will be able to create a unique work.

Some foreigners had already experienced this course.

In the past, some foreigners have also experienced this. The above picture is his work. As you can see, “Good luck” is written on it. So you can write English with the brush for Waramoji! We hope to support this facility in the future to make it easier for tourists to visit here.

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