Familiarization trip to Artistic town, Izumi

Familiarization trip to Artistic town, Izumi

On 11th March, I joined the familiarization trip to Izumi City in order to check the present condition of the tourist attraction. During this trip, I had the opportunity to pick strawberries and make glass art and visited a nature-oriented cafe. In this article, I would like to introduce unique experiences at Izumi City.

Satake glass factory

The first stop point during the tour was the Satake glass factory, which offers making glass art experience. In this session, we make a kind of glass art called tombodama. special skill is not required, but that is a little bit difficult for beginners like me.


Finished product. Back cloth is izumimomen, which has been made here since 14 century.

How we make tombodama? Firstly, place a glass rod on the fire to melt it. After melting, catch the liquid glass with other iron rods, and make form through spinning. Although it may sound easy, it is difficult to control melting glass.

demonstration by the master.

Even if you are a beginner like me, and not good at work like this, you can get assistance from factory staff. Do not hesitate to participate!

After the experience, don’t forget to stop at the fancy souvenir shop adjacent to the factory. There are a lot of artistic works made of glass, and we can buy them. It looks like an art museum of glass!


Strawberry picking experience

Kogawa Ichigo(means strawberry) Nouen is located at the foot of the Izumi mountain range.  it is located on the hill so offers a stunning view and fresh air. In such a rich natural environment, we can experience strawberry picking. Usually, it serves 7 to 8 cultivars of strawberry, so we can enjoy distinguishing slight differences in its flavor.

Green room

Green room, located at the foot of Mt.Makio is not only a cafe-restaurant, but also a glamping spot. Green room is hiker, cyclist, and pet friendly, so everyone can use it as a base. Also, Owner says he now tries to open a campsite in-house.

*Glamping spot is in preparation.


The local specialty of Izumi city is Oranges, which is sold at a roadside station called Michi no Eki

Izumi city has a lot of resources for tourism. But, most tourist attractions have some problems such as multilingual and accessibility. Considering this situation, Bureau is going to accelerate to provide multilingual supports and vitalize cycle tourism.

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