The movie ” Inside Water” previews were held.

The movie ” Inside Water” previews were held.

The Senshu Film and Video Commission, of which KIX Senshu Tourism Bureau is one of the constituent organizations, held the first preview of the film “Inside Water” produced by the Commission at Nankai Namikiri small Hall on December 23, 2021.

The event was attended by the mayors of Izumisano and Kishiwada, the commission’s chairman Masami Okyudo (Dean of the Faculty of Tourism, Wakayama University), as well as the film’s director Masaki Inoue and actress Akiko Iwase.

On the day of the event, we were honored to have more than 100 people in attendance, including people from Inunakiyama Shipporyuji Temple, where the main filming took place, and people from Izumisano City.

Movie Synopsis

Olivia, a Russian woman, arrives at the KIX Kansai airport. Olivia, who had lost her husband and son in a fire, decided to go to Inunakiyama in Senshu, Osaka, where her husband had visited before his death. Mt. Inunaki is known as a place for ascetic practices such as burning goma and waterfall meditation, and is visited by people who want to reflect on themselves. Worshiper, Ryunosuke who listens to their problems, recommends that Olivia stay here for a while, and she decides to stay at the “Inunaki Inn”. The great nature in Inunaki, the children who live there, and one of the guests Jin, make her calm. However Olivia knows Mizuho also lost her child in a traffic accident, so they empathize. Since he encountered tragic accident, she avoid the real world, but she knows the great nature in Inunaki make her more active.

Future Plans

To be annouced!

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