The tour rediscovering local treasures, guided by the vice mayor

The tour rediscovering local treasures in Misaki Town

Our new executive director, Mr.Yamada(Left). The vice mayor of Misaki town, Mr. Matasuoka(right).

On May 7, we conducted a survey tour to rediscover the resource of Misaki town with the vice mayor of the town, Mr. Matsuoka. He has great knowledge regarding the tourism resources of Misaki town, so he offered us a special opportunity. On the other hand, our executive director changed in April and Mr. Yamada took over the position. Mr. Yamada graduated from university in Senshu and has working experience as the executive director of a destination management organization in Okinawa pref.

In this article, “Okinawa” doesn’t mean Okinawa pref. and Naha City as Capital of Okinawa pref. Literally, Okinawa City exists in the middle of main Okinawa island, and there have similar problems to Senshu that many tourists pass through. Under the leadership of the new executive director, Mr. Yamada, we will continue to strive for destination management.

Totto Park Koshima

Anyway, Let’s get started. The first place we visited was Totto Park Koshima. Here there is a large pier suitable for sea fishing. The pier was built to carry soil out of the mountains of Misaki Town for the construction of KIX Kansai Airport. It has now finished its original function but is reused as a place where sea fishing can be easily done. At the time of our visit, sea breams ranging in size from 30 to 50 centimeters were occasionally caught. Unfortunately, fishing equipment is not available or rent here, but we can offer you a boat fishing tour at Misaki town. If you are interested, please contact us.

The Beautiful Sea

Even though it takes only 45 minutes by train to approach from KIX Kansai Airport, you can see the very beautiful sea. No one would believe that this is the sea of the famous big city, Osaka. The Kojima Coast here is one of the most precious natural beaches left in Osaka, even in the progress of industrialization. If you are lucky, you will be able to see airplanes taking off and landing at KIX Kansai Airport while looking at the beautiful sea.

The quiet and relaxing temple, Kohzenji

After that, we went to the temple of the Tendai sect called Kohzenji. It has a very relaxing atmosphere and is a great place to relax. Kohzenji offers sutra copying sessions and Zen meditation experiences mainly for locals. Through participation in this, you will refind yourself, and such experiences are going to make you mindful.

The future of tourism in Misaki town

What I realized again during this tour is that the sea in Misaki town is so beautiful. Just looking at it makes me feel mindful. In addition to that, We rediscovered the site for large-scale camping events. We continue to do our best so that everyone can enjoy Misaki town in various ways.

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