The workshop for developing Senshu was held

The workshop for developing Senshu as attractive destination was held

On 30th March, We took place workshop for developing Senshu as an attractive touristic destination. This workshop aims to share the knowledge with local businesses to make foreign travelers happy. Hence, professional marketer, Mr. Saito came as a lecturer from Tokyo.

In the first memorable workshop, the lecturer spoke about destination marketing’s importance firstly, and we discuss what is killer contents of Senshu secondly. In this article, I would like to introduce what we discuss there and part of our activity for we are going to manage our area.


Why we held this workshop

To make an attractive tourist destination, it is important that we all work together to create a tourism destination, not just us. However, there is a gap in awareness regarding this matter among locals. Therefore, we have offered opportunities for everyone to share the knowledge necessary for accepting foreigners.


The lecturer of this workshop, Mr. Saito is a professional in marketing. He has experience in marketing strategies for a variety of products and is the president of Soken research institute. All workshops are led by him, so participants can learn basic concepts.

Brainstorming for rediscovering tourism resources

Cards with the names of tourist resources.

After the fundamental lecture regarding destination marketing by Mr. Saito, We brainstormed using a method called Brain Writing. This method is suitable under corona pandemic because it allows you to share your ideas with others without discussing them. Once one participant finishes writing cards, they are passed and the other person writes on them. Therefore tourism attractions in Senshu were rediscovered by locals.

Collect and arrange opinions, and discover popular tourism attractions among group members.

Next, We made the sheet representing our collective opinions. Through this workshop, We could rediscover that Danjiri traditional festival, the knife in Sakai city, and the waterfall meditation in Izumisano City are some of the killer contents. We could make a consensus about what tourism resources are good.


The workshop was a great success and provided an opportunity to approach the undiscovered treasures of Senshu. In this way, We will continue to take the lead in creating a foreigner-friendly destination. We plan the next workshop will be held in May.

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