Tajiri Port gives visitors

the opportunity to fish with locals and dine on seafood.

Enjoy a Lively Atmosphere & Fishing with Locals in Tajiri

Tajiri Port offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors to rub shoulders with the local fishermen, enjoy freshly-caught seafood, and try their hand at fishing themselves. Hop aboard a fishing vessel with an experienced angler, and cruise around the waters near Osaka International Airport, where planes seem like they’re taking off and landing right before your eyes!

Tajiri Port Sunday Morning Market

There’s plenty of freshly-caught seafood lining the stalls of the morning market!

Every Sunday morning from 7 a.m., Tajiri Market opens up to a bustling crowd seeking the freshest, local seafood caught that same morning from the port and nearby waters. Visitors can cook their purchases in the nearby BBQ space, or they can enjoy seafood BBQ sets for ¥2,500. Come December, there’s also an all-you-can-eat oyster buffet, which is also ¥2,500 per person.

There are tons of local dishes to enjoy as well.

In addition to fresh fish, there are also various stalls that sell prepared food. Skip breakfast at your hotel and try some of the local delicacies; there is takoyaki, which is freshly cut octopus covered in a ball of hot batter, and tempura made using freshly caught shrimp. Bowls of hot udon (thick noodles made from flour) are also a staple of breakfast in Osaka.


While it is easy to get caught up in the excitement of the market atmosphere, please refrain from eating in crowded areas. Instead, enjoy your meal at one of the tables throughout the market.

The Fishing Experience

Enjoy an authentic fishing experience.

Join a local fisherman for the morning as he takes you around the waters between the port and Kansai International Airport to experience the local fishing industry. Visitors can experience gill netting fishing methods, whereby a long rectangular net is cast out into the water and fish swim into the net. Bringing the net back up to the boat typically brings in a large catch of fresh fish. A second option is to experience fishing using a basket to catch fish. Both techniques are used by local fishermen, and allow visitors to experience exactly how seafood is caught in this area. Visitors also have an opportunity to ask any questions about living in the local area and what it is like to be part of the industry in Tajiri.


After fishing, visitors are treated to a cruise around Kansai International Airport, where they can view planes taking off and landing up close and personal. This is truly a unique experience perfect for any plane enthusiasts. Be sure to bring cameras with zoom lenses to capture the planes taxiing on the runway. The boats also take you just under the flight path where the planes almost seem within reach as they come into landing. Be sure to cover your ears and prepare yourself for an adrenaline rush as they fly right over the boat!

Experience the thrill of seeing planes take off and land right above your head!

Once the cruise around the airport is complete, visitors will return to the port where they have the opportunity to cook their catch in the BBQ area. Supplementary food may also be provided if the catch is small. An all-inclusive tour that includes fishing, a cruise around Kansai International Airport, and BBQ costs ¥6,000 per person on weekdays, and ¥7,000 per person on weekends and national holidays. For elementary school students, the cost is ¥3,500 on weekdays and ¥4,000 on weekends and national holidays. A special offer of one adult and one child combined for ¥9,500 on weekends and national holidays is also available. For those preferring to opt out of the BBQ option, the cost is reduced to ¥3,500 per person on weekdays, and ¥4,500 per person on weekends and national holidays. For elementary school students, the cost is ¥2,000 on weekdays and ¥2,500 on weekends and national holidays.


Anyone who wants to participate in the fishing experience must do so with an interpreter. This is to ensure that health and safety information is communicated clearly, and visitors can follow instructions on the go. The experience begins at 10 a.m., but visitors must be signed in at the reception area by 9:30 a.m. Those participating in the experience will also be required to wear an apron, long waterproof boots, a lifejacket, and gloves, which are all provided. Each boat can take up to 12 visitors; small groups of two or solo travelers may be asked to join a boat with other groups. Children under the age of elementary school are not able to participate. Reservations must be made in advance at least three days prior to the experience.

The Sunday Morning Market is easily accessible by train or bicycle.

It is recommended that visitors to the Sunday Morning Market travel by train or bicycle. Those visiting by public transport should alight at Yoshiminosato Station which is served by the Nankai Line. It is a 10 minute walk from the train station. The nearby Izumisano City Tourist Information Center rents bicycles for ¥300 per day. There is free parking on the premises, but it can be crowded at times. Entrance to the market is free.


For information about tours around Tajiri, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.

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