Shutterbugs are drawn to bright lights

of the factories of Senshu’s Takaishi.

The Stunning Night Views of Takaishi Factories

At night, the lights on the seemingly endless factories in Takaishi City transform into beacons that light up the night. This unique nightscape has become a hotspot for tourists and local shutterbugs.

The Compact City of Takaishi

The coastal factory area occupies around 40% of the city’s land space.

As the second smallest city in Osaka Prefecture, with an area 11.3 square kilometers, Takaishi City is known as a gateway for goods entering and exiting Osaka. Prior to the expansion of factories in the area, the city was known for creating accessories using shells found along the shoreline. The accessories were made for the purpose of miya mairi conducted in Kyoto, a rite of passage for young babies around one month old. The baby is taken to a Shinto shrine, where a priest prays for good health and happiness in the baby’s future. The baby is typically dressed in a special kimono and accessories.

Introduction of Factories

An aerial view of the bay area in Takaishi City.

From the late 1960s, large companies utilized reclaimed land in the area to construct large factories, which eventually developed into a coastal industrial zone. To refocus a positive light to the area, a successful factory scenery tour was devised around 2012, which popularized the concept of viewing the shimmering lights at night. The tour changed the perception of the factories, and as nighttime objects of beauty they gained popularity with both amateur and professional photographers. Some of the highlighted points of interest include the complicated piping systems, and ways of incorporating the factory lights with steam billowing from the chimneys.


Factories located in the coastal industrial zone are operational 24 hours a day, so the lights are always illuminated for safety.

Photogenic Locations

The night views of the factories by the waters.

There are currently two locations which are ideal for photographers to capture the night views of the factories. The first is located along the shoreline at the furthermost point of the Chikkohamadera Nishimachi area, which is on one of the islands housing most of the factories. From here, views of factories on a separate island, lights shimmering in the sea, provide an optimal photographic opportunity. This is a popular location among domestic photographers, so it isn’t unusual to see them lined up with their gear along the shore. Access to this location is not possible by public transport, so a rental car is advised. It is approximately 10 minute from the Takaishi IC exit off the Hanshin Expressway.

Contrast of factories lit up in the dark behind the highway.

For visitors who would prefer to use public transport, a second option would be to take a tram to Hamadera Ekimae or a train to Hamadera Koen, and walk to the shoreline of Hamadera Park. Factories from here appear a lot closer with the highway nearby. Long exposure shots provide a great opportunity to capture streaming lights of cars driving on the highway, complementing the overall shot of the night views. Access to the location is approximately five minutes on foot from either station.


If visiting by car, please be sure to follow all road rules and park in a safe location before taking photographs. Hamadera Park offers parking options on site. A tripod is highly recommended to prevent blur when taking photographs.


For visitors keen to view more photogenic locations without needing to rent a car, a private taxi tour by Daiichi Kotsu is available. A private driver will escort your group to some photogenic locations, giving you up to 10 minutes per location to grab your shots. Bookings must be made at least three days in advance. Start times vary depending on the time of year.

To Takaishi and Beyond

An alternative view of the factories and the highway across the waters.

If you want to shoot night views of factories, there is no better place to start than Takaishi. Takaishi is one of 12 member cities that participate in the National Factory Night View Summit, a yearly event that started in 2011 to increase awareness and popularity of nighttime factories among travelers and amateur photographers. Key activities in Takaishi include spreading the word on social media, as well as nighttime photography tours, and even bus tours and cruises of night views in other parts of the country, so please try it out if you are interested.


If you would like a private tour of the factories at night, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.

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