Enjoy fine dining

on delicious farm-to-table fare at Hutte Baobab.

Dine with a Local by the Fire

Hutte Baobab is a cozy bar with a private dining area and fireplace, the perfect place to enjoy a meal and conversation with locals. The establishment is an embodiment of Senshu hospitality, which is reflected in the warmth and friendliness of its owner.

Yoshiro Sasaya’s Inspiration

Yoshihiro Sasaya – the owner of Hutte Baobab.

The owner of Hutte Baobab, Yoshihiro Sasaya, previously worked for a company that conducted health check-ups. During his time, he noticed a growing trend of food allergies increasing within the Japanese population. He had a passion for feeding his children a wide variety of different foods, but the increase in the number of people with food allergies alarmed him. The realization that not knowing the source of food bought in supermarkets, nor the person who had harvested fruits and vegetables, concerned him. He was unsure whether the food people bought from trusted supermarkets was truly safe.


This moment in his life spurred him on in a new direction, and he decided to make his own food. He started to grow rice and vegetables, but as a keen believer in growing organic produce, he struggled in the first year to deal with insects and weeds, which ultimately destroyed his crop. After five years of determination, he was finally able to produce organic rice suitable for purchase. Around this time, Japan also faced an increased interest in organic produce, as more people sought to find out where their products were sourced. Large hotel chains in the area showed interest in his rice and began using it in dishes served in their restaurants, though differences of opinion led to the eventual cancellation of those agreements. He currently sells his rice to individual customers online and in person.

The Inception of Hutte Baobab

Hutte Baobab has a very cozy atmosphere.

Sasaya-san did not want to stop at selling harvested food to individuals. He had the urge to create his own recipes using the food he grew himself, and share his concoctions with other people. So he opened a bar/restaurant, which we know today as Hutte Baobab.


The name Baobab is derived from a tree of the same name commonly found in Madagascar, mainland Africa, and Australia. He believes that the tree saves lives, and recalls a story of elephants in need of water tapping into the tree to consume much needed fluids. He chose the name because he wants to offer a similar service to the community, offering much needed sustenance and a break from their troubles.

Live performances from customers may occur at any moment!

To do so, he sought to create the right kind of atmosphere, with a comforting, homey feel. The bar is adorned with retro decorations and wooden furnishings, complete with a fireplace, creating a cozy atmosphere similar to a lodge. A small door leads to the restaurant. This private room like a more modern version of the bar, and is reserved for individuals or groups. A large open-top hearth with surrounding seats welcomes guests into the room.

The Dinner Experience

Meat lovers can enjoy an iron-grilled steak from the hearth.

A full omakase (chef’s recommendation) course is provided for a flat cost of ¥3,000 per person. For individuals, a choice between a fish or meat main course is available but for groups of two or more, both will be served grilled over charcoal. There is no fixed menu, so dishes are determined by the ingredients Sasaya-san can obtain.


The evening is a combination of fine dining using locally sourced ingredients and an entertaining host determined you have a great evening. While language might be a barrier with visitors from abroad, this is one he is happy to overcome with the use of various apps and gestures to communicate with his patrons. All of the meals are cooked in front of the customers over the hearth by Sasaya-san, which becomes an entertaining show in itself as he shows off his cooking skills. Once everyone is full and satisfied, he directs you to the bar where, visitors are able to have a drink in a cozy setting while mingling with other local residents.

The handmade exterior of Hutte Baobab.

Due to the welcoming personality Sasaya-san possesses, many of the regulars to the bar often confide in him. It is important to note that there is an unwritten rule that whatever is spoken about in Hutte Baobab stays in Hutte Baobab.


The restaurant is open between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. and is reserved for private individuals or groups with advance booking. It is closed on Mondays. The bar opens from 8 p.m. and closes depending on how the evening progresses. It is recommended to call in advance to double-check if they are open before visiting.


For Senshu tourist information inquiries, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.

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