offers a great taste of beach life in Japan.

Soak in the Beauty of Nature at SENNAN LONG PARK

Located a stone’s throw away from Kansai International Airport, SENNAN LONG PARK offers a great taste of beach life in Japan, with a range of activities, dining options, and glamping venues. Loosely based on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, the area boasts stunning views. The coastal area of Misaki, Hannan, and Sennan has been selected one of  the “Top 100 Sunsets in Japan.” The sun setting behind the ocean is complemented by planes taking off and landing at Kansai International Airport in the distance.


The boardwalk is separated into four distinct areas.

The Activity Area

The four-storied HEARTTHROB is perfect for adrenaline seekers!

In the southernmost area of the park lies the activity area. A large all-weather pitch hosts various sporting matches, from American football to soccer, and games can continue right into the night. Rental periods for the pitch are split into morning, afternoon, and evening.


If adrenaline is what you are after, why not head over to the HEARTTHROB? Consisting of four levels and 111 different challenges, this is one of the largest jungle gyms for adults in western Japan. Some of the structures reach a height of 15.5 meters, which means it isn’t for the faint of heart! But for those who make it to the top, fantastic views of the ocean and the nearby airport can be enjoyed.


Skateboard fanatics can enjoy the skate park located in this area, and two basketball courts are available for a pick-up game (balls can be rented on-site). In summer, visitors can also enjoy beach yoga and water activities, such as riding a banana boat.


After a full day of activities, be sure to round it off by relaxing at the sandy beach, or head to the Japanese hot spring baths (onsen) at SORA RINKU. SORA RINKU also offers accommodation.

The Community Area

There are many stylish restaurants along the promenade.

A wide range of dining options are available in the community area. FUYOEN offers authentic Sichuan cuisine, famed for its spicy dishes. Drinks made with authentic Japanese tea and special sweets can be enjoyed at TSUBOICHI TEA PLACE. L.grow+ offers a range of dishes, such as omelets and Japanese-style hamburg. Those hungry for a traditional burger should head to ALL GOOD BURGER for an American-style meal, complete with milkshakes and sundaes. THE BBQ BEACH in MarbleBeach is a popular spot for groups to socialize around a grill and enjoy great company.

A satisfying burger from ALL GOOD BURGER.

All of the dining options are along the boardwalk, with outdoor seating areas where visitors can relax and enjoy the fresh air and ocean views. Be sure to come for dinner to enjoy a meal with a stunning sunset.


Anyone who wants to camp on the beach, check out RECAMP Rinku. They have glamping tents that can accommodate families and groups of up to six people.

The Umi no Marche Area

Umi no Marche is only open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends, and has irregular hours on holidays.

Derived from the French word meaning “market,” tents offering freshly caught seafood, local vegetables, local crafts, and other small handmade items can be found here. The local Okadaura Fisheries Cooperative also sell local delicacies such as octopus with rice and Sennan conger eel tempura. A small BBQ area can also be used for free if you purchase any food from the tents. Umi no Marche is only open on weekends between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., and has irregular hours on holidays.


The Glamping Area

Enjoy glamping at the URBAN CAMP HOTEL Marble Beach.

The Urban Camp Hotel Marble Beach makes up the glamping area of SENNAN LONG PARK. Each repurposed container includes up to five beds, a Jacuzzi, a private porch complete with a BBQ grill, and each offers great views of sunsets over the ocean. They are all completely private so that families and groups of friends can enjoy their stay in peace. For those arriving by car, you are able to drive up to your accommodation and park right by the door.


This setup is ideal for anyone who wants a taste of the outdoors combined with the convenience of a hotel. An AEON shopping center is a short walk away, where visitors can purchase a wide range of items such as food, clothing, and electronics.


A Pit Stop

Check out the individual villa-style glamping facilities, each in one of four pop colors!

Close to Kansai International Airport, SENNAN LONG PARK is an ideal pit stop for those looking for overnight accommodation before a flight back home. Instead of staying in a typical airport hotel, make the most of your final day and night in Japan—take advantage of unique accommodation options, and the range of activities and dining options on offer.


For Senshu tourist information inquiries, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.


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