operates two beautiful, traditional townhouses in Sakai City.

Experience the Everyday Luxury of Top Class Design in Sakai

SAKAINOMA RESIDENCE operates two traditional townhouses in Sakai City to provide guests with an overnight Japanese-style lifestyle experience. Both facilities are accessible by streetcar, and within walking distance from stations served by the Nankai Line. There is also easy travel to other areas in Senshu, as well as Osaka City and Kansai National Airport.


This townhouse has been brought to the modern age with beautiful renovations.

The majority of wooden townhouses (machiya) in Sakai have burned down over the years, making them rare finds within the city. One such remaining property is the SAKAINOMA RESIDENCE Kuma. The detached building is 70 years old, and has two rooms available for guests. Typical of townhouses in the city, it has a short facade which faces the main road and extends far inside.


The reason for this design was a result of calculating taxes based on how large the front of the property was on the main street. The larger the front, the higher the tax. However, tax was not proportionate to the size of the overall property, which allowed for townhouses such as this to extend far inside property grounds. This design results in a very thin but long property with dark rooms. Small gardens were also incorporated into the design of the building to allow natural light into the rooms.

Inside you’ll find an incredibly relaxing atmosphere.

The property was renovated as an accommodation for guests as part of a collaboration with Yoshihiko Mamiya, a famous space designer from Osaka. The core principle in the redesign of the interior was to preserve the elements of the old traditional house by using tatami mat flooring, and incorporating dry landscape gardens. Conscious effort was made to not infuse too much wa, which is the Japanese cultural concept of peace and harmony. A fusion of European-style interior design has also been incorporated through some of the furniture, such as the tables and lights in the guest rooms. During the renovation, they enlisted the help of students from schools in the local area and all of the renovation work was completed by hand.

Traditional Japanese breakfast has never looked so photogenic!

There is also a café attached to the front of the property. It is open to guests and the general public for lunch and the afternoon until 6 p.m. on most days, though it is open until 10 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Guests at the accommodation are also treated to one free drink at the café during their stay. Keen to provide a more traditional experience, most of their drinks are a modern take on old favorites, such as the green tea float and roasted tea (hojicha) latte. The food menu promotes a range of Japanese and international fusion dishes, which includes some vegetarian options. Breakfast for guests is provided here.

The lovely exterior of SAKAINOMA RESIDENCE Nishiki.

The second accommodation on offer by SAKAINOMA RESIDENCE is the Nishiki townhouse, which follows a similar concept to Kuma but provides a more modern property with touches of Japanese-style interior.


There are many interesting sightseeing spots to visit in Sakai as well. Be sure to experience the Tomb of Emperor Nintoku, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is a unique keyhole-shaped tomb with several moats that dates back to the Kofun period (Tumulus period; ca. 250-538).


The city is also famous for its high quality knife production. Head over to Sakai City Traditional Crafts Museum to learn more about the different types of Japanese knives and see a knife sharpening studio in action. There are also opportunities to purchase your very own Japanese knife and other local souvenirs. 

The bustling area outside of Sakaihigashi Station is full of izakaya.

You can also enjoy the area’s vibrant nightlife. Rub shoulders with the locals in some of the popular restaurants, izakaya, and bars along the alleyways in the Sakai Higashi Shopping Arcade. From local delicacies such as okonomiyaki, a sort of savory pancake, to some of the finest local Japanese sake, this area is perfect for a variety of dining preferences.


After a long day of sightseeing, soak your sore muscles at Tokiwa Onsen. The small and retro public bath is popular with local residents, and the hot spring water is said to make your skin incredibly smooth. Water is pumped from 1,300 meters underground and may reach up to 44°C. The public bath is also equipped with a sauna, and a cold bath. It is open every day from 1 p.m. to midnight, with the exception of Fridays and the New Year holidays. Admission fee for adults is ¥450, junior high school students is ¥300, elementary school students is ¥150, and ¥60 for infants. To enter the sauna, it is an extra ¥100.


For Senshu tourist information inquiries, please contact the Senshu Japan Concierge Team.

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